1. Trail of the HUACAS

It is a walk to the sacred mountains of the INCAS (ancestors of the  Salascas). Take a trip through the sacred sites where the first inhabitants performed their rituals. Here they asked their gods to help them in their musical endeavors, crafts and to grant them good health and a long life. The Salasacas still carry on this tradition.



2. Tour of the Teligote mountain

This is a one-day trip which takes you to the summit of Teligote. Here we find all the medicinal plants used to cure illnesses and several plants for natural dyes. We also find several types of wild birds, and if we are lucky we can see the flight of the condor and of the gray eagle. It is also a great place to see to the volcano tungurahua (mama ahuila) in full activity, the volcano Chimborazo, the Cotopaxi, the Altar etc.


3. Guided hikes to learn about medicinal plants, dyes, and daily life in Salasaca

Here we learn about the daily life in Salasaca by visiting family homes. We can see how they make their clothes, the significance of the embroidery on their pants, shirts and ponchos. We also learn about the traditions of marriage in Salasaca including all their rites and traditional customs that have taken place for hundreds of years. We also learn how to make natural dyes using local plants.

tours-en-caballo4. Tours by Horseback (one week notice please)

This is a horseback ride through the trail of the Huacas. This is the route taken by Rumiñahui when he went to hide his gold before the Spaniards robbed him of all his treasures. On this trip, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Pachanlica river and its valley, the crops, and the surrounding mountains which form part of salasaca. The journey continues through the communities of Picaywa and Niton, finishing in the Hostal Runa Huasi.


5. Making of natural Shampoo

The salasacas make their shampoo from green agave, gray agave, of the root of the agaves and of the SAUKU. These plants are abundant in the whole town and they are the best natural shampoos to avoid hair loss and dandruff. It also helps keep the natural color of the hair avoiding damage from the sun.


6. Learn to make a Salasaca weaving

A salasaca weaving is worth a thousand words. In this workshop you can make your own weaving, be it a scarf or small rug, with instruction from a guide. Take home your own souvenir from Salasaca. The weaving is done with sheep wool with natural dyes. The designs signify many different things including love, peace, strength and luck.


7. Small conferences on the festivals of salasaca

The conferences about the festivals include discussions of  the following: Inty Raymy and Chishi Otava (festival of sun), Corpu Cristy (festival of corn), the Caporales (festival of the Pacha Mama or mother earth), Alcaldes (mayors), Capitanes (Spanish War), Pendonero (celebration of youth), Priostes (sharing of food), Diputados (children's festival) etc.  These sacred celebrations express love, thanks to the mother earth and father sun, the moon, fire, air and water.


8. Tour of Baños and the holy water

On this tour, we leave from the hostal for a tour of Baños.  Here we visit the zoo where we can see the condor, curiquigi (a local bird), wolves, etc. You can also relax in the pools of the hot springs. The tour includes a visit to the church in Baños where you will find the museum of the Virgin of the holy waters of Baños. There is a market where you can purchase crafts. We also visit the waterfalls outside of Baños including the bridal veil and devil's punchbowl, and cross a river in a cable car.